Intergalactic Confederation Space Station(ICSS) Manual

Welcome ranger! Now your mission is to save the galaxy!

Reptilians are back, and now they want to exterminate us to extract all forms of energy from the Milky Way. To prevent it from happening, you will have to understand how the ICSS works.

We will need nukes to maintain the ICSS, so in trade, you will be able to buy new weapons, ships, and also repair or upgrade your ship. You will get Nukes every time you destroy something, unless you hit your ship on it without the boost capsules.

When you get to ICSS you will have a panel screen to help you upgrade your ship.
We recommend you by start first upgrading you ship power. The first power upgrade will give you a extra laser gun on your ship. This will also happen on the third, fourth and fifth ones.

Follow the guide lines bellow to understand the ICSS holographic selection panel.
To select and buy a ship you will have to touch the following menu:

Points and Nukes(Your trade items)

Bots: Repair Power, Repair Shield, Laser and Rocket.

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